a confusing incident

Before I start i just want say all my blogs are going to be truthful and personal. NO SECRETS ALLOWED!!!!!!xx

Earlier I said how boring and emotionless i was feeling but now i realize that emotions are like germs ,they are everywhere and according to my mum’s attitude towards me today she had loads of negative ones weighing her down and at one point she just had to get rid off the and unfortunately she vomited them all over me in the form of several shouts, she must have not known how today i felt fragile and like i said before i felt deflated and defenseless so i just started crying confused on how someone you care about could be so harsh.

I understand how being single mum is hard especially since she is isn’t earning much  but still should you lay all of your problems  on the closest person too you? what do you think?

im just happy because my best friend who i will call ( CW ) kept me updated with the little things in the world that can change your emotions  in click of a button.

this seems to be a sad ending to weekend but it really isn’t its just an eye opener in a way this situation has made me love my mum more plus can i just say how being a blogger helps sooo much like i said yesterday its like an open window and i love it?

how has your weekend been?

and how much do you love being a blogger?

anyway goodbye and goodnight everyone I hope you enjoyed todays series of important incidents.

xxxxxxx Confusion



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