My first important incident        

tumblr_nzdrn0PBZR1s8katio1_1280.jpgToday has been extremely boring and so far i have been doing nothing but switch between reading books like (FANGRIL) , (ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES) and watching british YouTuber’s on  the internet, all whilst listening to Beyoncé,the beatles ,ed Sheeran  and panic at the disco.i don’t ever like admitting i listen to panic at the disco and the beatles but some of their songs are just amazing.i also have this slightly annoying alarm in my head constantly reminding me to do my homework and clean the house whilst my mum is out, but i just can’t be asked, I’m not even convinced there is any home work to do.

recently i finished a second  book of a series  that obviously gave me the idea to start this blog, this book is well-known and is called GIRL ONLINE & GIRL ONLINE ON TOUR i’m currently looking for the third and last book of the series called GIRL ONLINE GOING SOLO but until i do i really would like some book ideas so i can add them to my reading  to do list looks like this at the moment…..

girl online,going solo

everything, everything

Eleanor and park

it’s a short list but I know its will grow. if you have read any of these books please tell me  if they are good and if you have any book recommendations feel free to tell me.Keep in mind at the moment I’m really enjoying young adult and romance books.

I hope you enjoyed my  important incidents of the day xxx ( :

PS. IM PROBABLY  GOING TO POST ANOTHER BLOG LATER: spread and introduce my blog to your mums ,dads ,brothers ,Sisters ,Cousins Friends and every human you know. ( :


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