A few different incidents

today has been interesting.

it started of with me feeling anxious and rather stressed but then my friends including my bestie (CW) and another with I will call (Nine) made my day with their individual charm . Nine bumped  into me on the bus after long 3 hours of early traveling to school from my mums house ( 5:30am to 8:30am ) and at the time i felt exhausted until nine told me about how exiting his week-end had been which was like a shot of espresso which lasted until french class when i actually dozed of into a light nap meanwhile CW was always cracking me up with jokes and cheesy high fives.

Im not sure about you but school can just wash away my worries and then fill my mind with positivity. i stayed at school with CW until 5pm as i watched her do boxing and then walked her close to the train station before we left each other we pretended to be professional photographers taking photos of leaves and roads along the way.my day seemed perfect until my mum announced that i was moving schools this means i will no longer get to see Nine and i will see CW less and less though the years .as soon as she told me i cry i just can’t imagine not being at my current school even though the OFSTED report suggests it’s not a great school.

What should I do?

Should I be upset?

Will I lose my friends?

That is all the important events that accrued today (cross my fingers everything ends  well)xxxxx

goodbye and good night ( :

PS. my posts have been really sad recently but as soon as i sort things out with school and my mum everything will be  POSITIVE!!!! XXXXX

PS.NO2. I’m currently reading  13 REASONS WHY, its fab xxx6599250641_59ab9cdd6d_b


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