Interesting incident 

Today was great it was full of happiness even though my eye lids were constantly trying to shut due to how tired I was, i spent a lot of time with (CW) and my other friend (HB) I had lunch with them whilst I told them I was moving schools which upset them both but now I’m less stressed for I found out that my current school is changing uniform into pink which is supper messed up (EWWW) .

Plus I can meet up with my friends when ever and if I do lose friends I shouldn’t care because friends come and go only friends with patience stay which I hope (CW) will have. I learnt this when I  had an argument with my old best friend and now I relize maybe we don’t have anything in common and that’s the reason why we fight more and the reason we are growing apart.

EG.  she is enjoys dark clothes and  rock music and I like colors and pop, we were going to stop being friends sooner or later. Right?

I also forgot to tell you  I’m going to dance in a dance competition on Thursday that I’m scared  but also exited for I’ll update you on that tomorrow with more info. Also thanks for the helpful comments, I will use them all to improve this chanel.

That’s all for today’s series of important events . Love you all xxxx❤❤

PS. Later I’m going to post a blog about photography and some fun ways to tell people about you’re blog.



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