A Different incident 

The oher day I watched (NERVE) on Netflix which was fab, and I felt a sudden erge to do something, anything so I could then call it a risk. I did two things one I would call big and another I would call small.

The big one will sound small but to me it is Is big deal and it was meeting up with nine in the morning and walking around London with him until school starts. Now I’ve write this I think it sounds pathetic but I’m still proud because I have trust issues with everyone. But still, it was soooo FUN! 

The second one was promoting self around London by writing on busses and  posting stickers with my blogs link on it all over the underground.this was so fun and after I felt soon happy. Anyway this was a short blog and it’s quite late so I have to go. 

Have an AMAZING day and don’t forget to tell everyone about my blog page.

That’s all the  important incidents of the day. Bye xxxx


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