Delightful incident 


Sorry I haven’t posted in ages but I’ve been really busy with the dance competition.

It was amazing I had done the same competition last year (the year when my worst nightmare happened) I had fallen in front of everyone mid dance and then not only fallen but ripped a ligament in my foot 😯😯.

 But this year was amazing not only did we do far better I also got to enjoy myself  with people I know, there was one or two people who let  the group with their lack of comittement and therefore lack of skills, but as long as they had fun it’s all good plus I think they will quit soon.

Not only was the dance performance amazing and (harmless)😂😂I was eye flirting with someone the entire time (4 hours) after 45 mins of glares I finally got a stare and then a huge wide and let me just say cutest smile ever (CRINGE).😄😄

Once the show Finnished I had to do straight home with (CW) I smiled the whole way until I relized  I had no details about this dance boy ,let’s call him (petter pan) because his hair was blonde and his dance shirt was green. Anyway I had no numbers no socal media accounts nothing!!!!😢😧😦 All I want is to talk to him.

  • Do I forget about him?
  • Do I look for his account ?
  • Do I move to his school ?
  • Do I just hope?

Anyway that’s all the important incidents  of today  (yesterday )xx

Good night xxx 

PS. They haven’t told us who won the dance competition yet, but I think  we are in the top 5.❤❤❤❤



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