Delightful incident 


Sorry I haven’t posted in ages but I’ve been really busy with the dance competition.

It was amazing I had done the same competition last year (the year when my worst nightmare happened) I had fallen in front of everyone mid dance and then not only fallen but ripped a ligament in my foot 😯😯.

 But this year was amazing not only did we do far better I also got to enjoy myself  with people I know, there was one or two people who let  the group with their lack of comittement and therefore lack of skills, but as long as they had fun it’s all good plus I think they will quit soon.

Not only was the dance performance amazing and (harmless)😂😂I was eye flirting with someone the entire time (4 hours) after 45 mins of glares I finally got a stare and then a huge wide and let me just say cutest smile ever (CRINGE).😄😄

Once the show Finnished I had to do straight home with (CW) I smiled the whole way until I relized  I had no details about this dance boy ,let’s call him (petter pan) because his hair was blonde and his dance shirt was green. Anyway I had no numbers no socal media accounts nothing!!!!😢😧😦 All I want is to talk to him.

  • Do I forget about him?
  • Do I look for his account ?
  • Do I move to his school ?
  • Do I just hope?

Anyway that’s all the important incidents  of today  (yesterday )xx

Good night xxx 

PS. They haven’t told us who won the dance competition yet, but I think  we are in the top 5.❤❤❤❤



A Different incident 

The oher day I watched (NERVE) on Netflix which was fab, and I felt a sudden erge to do something, anything so I could then call it a risk. I did two things one I would call big and another I would call small.

The big one will sound small but to me it is Is big deal and it was meeting up with nine in the morning and walking around London with him until school starts. Now I’ve write this I think it sounds pathetic but I’m still proud because I have trust issues with everyone. But still, it was soooo FUN! 

The second one was promoting self around London by writing on busses and  posting stickers with my blogs link on it all over the underground.this was so fun and after I felt soon happy. Anyway this was a short blog and it’s quite late so I have to go. 

Have an AMAZING day and don’t forget to tell everyone about my blog page.

That’s all the  important incidents of the day. Bye xxxx


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Interesting incident 

Today was great it was full of happiness even though my eye lids were constantly trying to shut due to how tired I was, i spent a lot of time with (CW) and my other friend (HB) I had lunch with them whilst I told them I was moving schools which upset them both but now I’m less stressed for I found out that my current school is changing uniform into pink which is supper messed up (EWWW) .

Plus I can meet up with my friends when ever and if I do lose friends I shouldn’t care because friends come and go only friends with patience stay which I hope (CW) will have. I learnt this when I  had an argument with my old best friend and now I relize maybe we don’t have anything in common and that’s the reason why we fight more and the reason we are growing apart.

EG.  she is enjoys dark clothes and  rock music and I like colors and pop, we were going to stop being friends sooner or later. Right?

I also forgot to tell you  I’m going to dance in a dance competition on Thursday that I’m scared  but also exited for I’ll update you on that tomorrow with more info. Also thanks for the helpful comments, I will use them all to improve this chanel.

That’s all for today’s series of important events . Love you all xxxx❤❤

PS. Later I’m going to post a blog about photography and some fun ways to tell people about you’re blog.


A few different incidents

today has been interesting.

it started of with me feeling anxious and rather stressed but then my friends including my bestie (CW) and another with I will call (Nine) made my day with their individual charm . Nine bumped  into me on the bus after long 3 hours of early traveling to school from my mums house ( 5:30am to 8:30am ) and at the time i felt exhausted until nine told me about how exiting his week-end had been which was like a shot of espresso which lasted until french class when i actually dozed of into a light nap meanwhile CW was always cracking me up with jokes and cheesy high fives.

Im not sure about you but school can just wash away my worries and then fill my mind with positivity. i stayed at school with CW until 5pm as i watched her do boxing and then walked her close to the train station before we left each other we pretended to be professional photographers taking photos of leaves and roads along the day seemed perfect until my mum announced that i was moving schools this means i will no longer get to see Nine and i will see CW less and less though the years .as soon as she told me i cry i just can’t imagine not being at my current school even though the OFSTED report suggests it’s not a great school.

What should I do?

Should I be upset?

Will I lose my friends?

That is all the important events that accrued today (cross my fingers everything ends  well)xxxxx

goodbye and good night ( :

PS. my posts have been really sad recently but as soon as i sort things out with school and my mum everything will be  POSITIVE!!!! XXXXX

PS.NO2. I’m currently reading  13 REASONS WHY, its fab xxx6599250641_59ab9cdd6d_b

a confusing incident

Before I start i just want say all my blogs are going to be truthful and personal. NO SECRETS ALLOWED!!!!!!xx

Earlier I said how boring and emotionless i was feeling but now i realize that emotions are like germs ,they are everywhere and according to my mum’s attitude towards me today she had loads of negative ones weighing her down and at one point she just had to get rid off the and unfortunately she vomited them all over me in the form of several shouts, she must have not known how today i felt fragile and like i said before i felt deflated and defenseless so i just started crying confused on how someone you care about could be so harsh.

I understand how being single mum is hard especially since she is isn’t earning much  but still should you lay all of your problems  on the closest person too you? what do you think?

im just happy because my best friend who i will call ( CW ) kept me updated with the little things in the world that can change your emotions  in click of a button.

this seems to be a sad ending to weekend but it really isn’t its just an eye opener in a way this situation has made me love my mum more plus can i just say how being a blogger helps sooo much like i said yesterday its like an open window and i love it?

how has your weekend been?

and how much do you love being a blogger?

anyway goodbye and goodnight everyone I hope you enjoyed todays series of important incidents.

xxxxxxx Confusion


My first important incident        

tumblr_nzdrn0PBZR1s8katio1_1280.jpgToday has been extremely boring and so far i have been doing nothing but switch between reading books like (FANGRIL) , (ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES) and watching british YouTuber’s on  the internet, all whilst listening to Beyoncé,the beatles ,ed Sheeran  and panic at the disco.i don’t ever like admitting i listen to panic at the disco and the beatles but some of their songs are just amazing.i also have this slightly annoying alarm in my head constantly reminding me to do my homework and clean the house whilst my mum is out, but i just can’t be asked, I’m not even convinced there is any home work to do.

recently i finished a second  book of a series  that obviously gave me the idea to start this blog, this book is well-known and is called GIRL ONLINE & GIRL ONLINE ON TOUR i’m currently looking for the third and last book of the series called GIRL ONLINE GOING SOLO but until i do i really would like some book ideas so i can add them to my reading  to do list looks like this at the moment…..

girl online,going solo

everything, everything

Eleanor and park

it’s a short list but I know its will grow. if you have read any of these books please tell me  if they are good and if you have any book recommendations feel free to tell me.Keep in mind at the moment I’m really enjoying young adult and romance books.

I hope you enjoyed my  important incidents of the day xxx ( :

PS. IM PROBABLY  GOING TO POST ANOTHER BLOG LATER: spread and introduce my blog to your mums ,dads ,brothers ,Sisters ,Cousins Friends and every human you know. ( :


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Window into my life

Mixtape_Mon__1-9012Hi guys i’m a girl who needs to release here emotions before she explodes, and since thoughts and emotions seem to be automatically restored and on some days doubled, i thought a blog would be like a window, so i can let my emotions spill out and let my  constantly active butterflies in my stomach fly away. After all its good to  keep yourself updated with more current and in some cases more important emotions instead of dwelling on old ones. so yeh i hope you like looking into my  life through the window i’ve created with this blog. enjoy my important incidents  that are always appearing in my life.

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